• We keep your water in perfect form.

    Less limescale. Less biofilm. Less corrosion. Using environmental solutions, we ensure the maximum possible hygiene, reliability and efficiency of cooling systems.
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  • We keep your water in perfect form.

    Environmentally friendly heat transfer fluids. Whether thermal systems for industrial buildings, residential buildings, geothermal or solar installations, our coracon® product line guarantees high efficiency, reliable protection and environmental solutions.
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  • On-line or off-line cleaning of existing deposits.

    Elimination of the consequences of poor care of the water system using environmentally friendly chemicals and special equipment.
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Hardness stabilisers

Corrosion inhibitors

Combined products

Biocides and dispersants


Heat transfer fluids

Special applications

Cooling of large motors



IceCO s.r.o. has been operating in the market for the provision of technical services since 2001. We were one of the first companies in the Czech Republic who started applying dry ice blasting for the purpose of efficient and environmentally friendly surface cleaning. However, market requirements necessitated the expansion of these activities, first by cleaning clogged heat exchangers "from the inside", chemically and then by preventive care of all water systems using specially developed chemicals.

We have a regularly stocked warehouse that allows just-in-time supplies and a team of co-workers, all of whom have been working in their field for a long time and build on previous practical experience.

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