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IceCo s. r. o.

IceCO s.r.o. has been operating in the market for the provision of technical services since 2001.

We were one of the first companies in the Czech Republic who started applying dry ice blasting for the purpose of efficient and environmentally friendly surface cleaning. However, market requirements necessitated the expansion of these activities, first by cleaning clogged heat exchangers "from the inside", chemically and then by preventive care of all water systems using specially developed chemicals.

We have a regularly stocked warehouse that allows just-in-time supplies and a team of co-workers, all of whom have been working in their field for a long time and build on previous practical experience.


We have built a group of suppliers and cooperating companies so that we can respond to both, simple assignments as well as more complex requirements. We are able to assess your water system as it is today, put together a technical and pricing solution to optimize it, supply hardware for water treatment and chemical dosing, supply your maintenance team with appropriate chemicals and especially: take care of your system on a regular basis so to not only work reliably, but also to generate savings.

An equally important parameter of caring for your system is water hygiene. Bacteria, algae, fungi and other microorganisms means not only a potential threat to your employees or final products (farm, food industry), but also significant costs associated with poor heat transfer or corrosion caused by these microorganisms.

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