Legionella – Problem and solution

We offer you effective solutions against all legionella problems, whether drinking water, cooling towers, fountains or wet separators. They all carry the risk of becoming a source of Legionella infections.
Legionella – Problem and solution

This is because the circulating water has an optimal temperature for these bacteria to multiply and, due to its contact with the atmosphere, offers a rich supply of nutrients. That is why the legislature prescribes specific measures to protect the population in all these areas. IceCO offers you individual solutions for prevention and emergencies.

Trained and certified specialists carry out an analysis of your system, evaluate and adjust the quality of the drinking or service water:

  • Collecting and recording of all necessary data on site
  • Coordination and organization of drinking water tests by certified samplers
  • Analysis by an accredited laboratory
  • Notification / coordination with the responsible medical authority
  • Analysis of weak points based on legal requirements and technical rules
  • Support and implementation of remedial measures