Preventive care of water systems is an ideal solution. However, if calcium deposits or corrosion products have already formed, we offer professional cleaning of your exchangers or pipelines. Cleaning can take place either on-line (ie during operation, in the form of gradual dissolution of deposits) or off-line (eg by dismantling the clogged part and its rapid cleaning in the range of 1-2 work shifts).

In both cases, a combination of chemicals (eg our Coracon® product line) and mechanical filtration is recommended.

Typical online cleaning procedure

On-line cleaning takes place during normal operation and is characterized in particular by the following characteristics:

  • Fine and gradual dispersion of deposits
  • Continuous filtration through a rented Slimy unit
  • Continuous corrosion protection during cleaning

Typically, the cleaning agent Desal T 110, which is a clear mixture of cleaning and dispersing agents on the base of the non-naturally absorbing surfactant, is added into circulating water. The surface tension is reduced and organic deposits are released, due to the colloidal coagulation of the colloid and the larger particles. Desal T 110 is dosed together with the corrosion inhibitor / dispersion agent Coracon Clean. After cleaning of the systems, the dosing of Desal / Coracon Clean products is stopped and only the subsequent dosing of preventive chemicals, which can be quoted separately, is maintained.

We usually recommend to install a 1-inch bypass. In addition, a mechanical rough filter with a fineness of 100 μm is applied in the bypass. The output of the filter is lead back into open technology basin. If the technology does not run, we recommend the installation of a small pump, which ensures a forced water circulation. We suggest to keep this filter within a period of one week, in case of longer shut downs even longer.

In the next step, we remove the mechanical filter, integrate the Slimy machine in the loop and start with the dosing of Desal T 110 dispersants (100 - 200 ppm) in combination with the Coracon Clean Inhibitor (dosage rate of 100 ppm in the beginning, after one or two weeks can be increased). Alternatively, chemicals can be used in the first step in combination with a mechanical filter.

The filter in the Slimy machine must be monitored and continuously cleaned / changed. The cleaning job lasts based on our experience 4-5 weeks. Please understand that every system is unique. The decision, when the online cleaning is stopped and the "normal mode" starts, is generally evaluated on the basis of the assessment of the quality of the circulating water (visual, analytical).

There is a set of filters with different diameters available, starting at 100 μm and decreasing to 40 μm up to 1 μm.

Following the conclusion of this cleaning, we should also review the "normal status" where the appropriate dosing of inhibitors in combination with the biocide and the control of the chemical regimens of the cooling system are considered.