Fountain maintenance with fontagard®

Customised. Eco-conscious. Cost-efficient.

The cleaning of fountains should be guided not only by optical and operational criteria. The new VDI 4250 standard asks owners for diligence in terms of the water quality in their fountains. Sporadic cleaning may remove algae, limescale and legionella for a short while but a truly safe fountain operation needs regular maintenance.

The right module for any fountain or water

You do not want a piecemeal solution for every single problem? Then check out our fontagard® product line, a customised modular maintenance system offering cleaning, preservation and maintenance products and service. We offer you the right module for any fountain or water. And the environment also benefits because the active ingredients in fontagard® products are ecologically safe. Special combinations of active ingredients reduce the required concentration to a minimum.

More operational safety for your fountain using automatic water treatment

Automatic water treatment prevents limescale from building up again on the bottom and in the pipework just a few months after cleaning because of the large amounts of evaporating water and a lack of limescale stabilisation. It protects the complete system from corrosion. And: Treating water with environmentally safe biocides prevents the formation of dangerous legionella right from the start. Automatically and safely.

The benefits of systematic fountain maintenance

  • Reduces periodic cleaning efforts
  • Lowers water consumption
  • Minimises operating costs
  • Keeps pipework intact
  • Prolongs the plant’s service life
  • Protects investments

The new DIN SPEC 31062 requires professional water treatment for fountain operators

Fountain installations in an area open to the public require sufficient water quality in order to exclude health hazards to humans. Whether dirt from the surrounding area, running day water or human germs from washing hands. Bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa: all this can be detected in well water. Reason enough for the German Institute for Standardization e.V. (DIN) to become active here.

In March this year, the draft of the new DIN SPEC 31062 was published. The aim is to also oblige the operators of fountains to provide professional and sustainable water treatment. It applies to all fountain systems which are operated with water, sea water, mineral water, healing water, brine (also artificially produced) and thermal water.

If you want to be on the safe side right now, our fontagard® fountain care is the perfect solution for you.