Air washers

Hygienic. Standard-compliant. Safe.

Cleaning and disinfection of air washers

Air washers are used in air-conditioning technology to optimise the ambient temperature, humidity and air purity as required. To ensure that air-conditioning works trouble-free in terms of both, technology and hygiene, it is necessary to periodically check and adjust the water quality in air washer systems. Why? On one hand, their wet environment is an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

And on the other hand, the corrosive effect of water and limescale deposits on metal parts is a constant threat to system functionality. Regular disinfection and cleaning therefore have top priority.

We offer you a broad range of products for the systematic treatment of water against microbes, corrosion and scale, preventing deposits to maximise your operational safety and comply with common hygiene regulations such as VDI 6022.

Air washer hygiene by aqua-concept:

  • Our qualified engineers will implement hygiene regulations according to VDI 6022
  • Reduces cleaning costs
  • Prevents deposits to maximise operational safety
  • Saves water to cut costs
  • Environmentally friendly combinations of active ingredients in low concentrations prevent hygienically critical bacterial exposure in water and ambient air